Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Autumn Term round-up

As we approached the end of 2016, we wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the various learning spaces projects under way.

Piazza Building stakeholder meeting

Last week representatives from the main Piazza Building contractor Interserve, Race Cottam Architects and various sub-contractors for mechanical and electrical works, heating, lighting and Building Management Systems (BMS) were brought together with University colleagues from Commercial Services, Information Services, Estates and Campus Services and academic departments.

Throughout the day we held workshops designed to build strong links between all external and internal parties, and work out how we can and will work together to ensure a successful programme of construction and fit out. We identified some key challenges - particularly that there is a lot of work to do in the short term!

This is the first time in recent years that so many teams have come together this early in the process to start identifying issues before they become problems further down the line. It’s fair to say that we all had varying priorities which we can now discuss honestly and openly.

During 2016 we will be consulting more widely with academic colleagues and students - including the new International Pathway College, Students’ Unions, Conferencing and current Heslington East-based departments - about the equipment and furniture to be installed in the seminar rooms and lecture theatre.

Spring Lane Building

Construction continues on the Spring Lane Building - visit our campus investment pages to see a new time-lapse video of the steelwork going up. We have a short workshop on chalk writing surfaces coming up later in the month! We’ll share more news and in-depth update in the New Year.

Focused estates investment

Unfortunately, following feedback and concerns about the knock-on effect on teaching, we have had to put the planned works in V/N044 and D/056 on hold. We will identify future opportunities to do the work and update you again in the New Year.

Can you help?

Have you seen some technology or furniture you would like to see in learning spaces here at York? Do you have a suggestion for improvements that we could make? As always, we would love to hear your thoughts - send your views to
Season’s greetings from everyone in Space Management - we look forward to working with you in 2016!

Steve Jackson

Learning Spaces Designer/Project Manager

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