Monday, 16 May 2016

The Learning Spaces Working Group takes on a life of its own

Our group came into existence as the working group for the Spring Lane Building, but we’ve since had input on early stages of the Piazza Building development (due for completion in 2017 on Heslington East) and other individual room refurbishments where the opportunity (and funding) has been available.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students, Professor John Robinson, recommended (and the working group agreed) it would be valuable to have a group that continued into the future and led and co-ordinator our learning spaces improvement works, especially as the York Pedagogy implementation moves forward and our learning and teaching styles may alter as a result.

The York campus will undergo significant redevelopment over the next decade and as such the opportunity to modernise our learning spaces. Every year money is spent on renewing the technology, decor, furniture and other elements of learning spaces - and this group will now act as the vehicle to consult, agree and lead this programme of works.

Recommended for inclusion as a sub group of University Teaching Committee:


“A learning space should be able to motivate learners and promote learning as an activity, support collaborative as well as formal practice, provide a personalised and inclusive environment, and be flexible in the face of changing needs.” - Jisc Designing Spaces for Effective Learning 2006

At the University of York, ‘learning spaces’ includes formal teaching space, dedicated learning space, social learning spaces, IT classrooms and other space whose primary purpose is designated as learning.

Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor new developments in learning space within the HE sector and reflect on these in the University of York learning space design principles and recommended standards
  2. To understand the needs of teachers and learners in relation to learning spaces to enable and support delivery of and innovation in pedagogy and learning 
  3. To inform the campus development plan, ensuring that there is a consistent and coherent approach to learning spaces across the University
  4. To develop and maintain a set of learning spaces design principles and recommended standards for use in new or refurbished learning space across the University
  5. To work with colleagues across the University, advocating and advising on best practice in learning space design
  6. To contribute to the management of learning space across the institution in collaboration with the Head of Space Management and other relevant colleagues
  7. To contribute to the annual programme of learning space development in an advisory capacity, including the application of the rolling teaching equipment fund
  8. To act as the working group for the Spring Lane and Piazza Building projects
  9. To report to University Teaching Committee on development of learning space across the campus

With the Membership

Head of Space Management (Chair)
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students
Deputy Director, Information Services
President, Graduate Students Association (GSA)
Academic Officer, University of York Students’ Union (YUSU)
Six members of academic staff (two members from each Faculty), representing the three faculties, as appointed by University Teaching Committee:
Cathy Dantec (Languages and Linguistic Science)
Simon Sweeney (Management)
Jan Hardman (Education)
Jeanne Nuechterlein (History of Art)
Roddy Vann (Physics)
Vacant (Sciences)

In attendance as required:
Learning Spaces Designer and Project Manager (DECS)
Facilities Manager (DECS)
Project Manager(s) (DECS)
Business Manager (DECS)
Interior Design Consultants
Head of Academic Support Office
Secretary: Space Administrator (DECS)

We welcome your regular feedback and, as we move forward, commit to regularly consulting, via different channels, so that you may directly influence our future learning space design too.

Matt Burton
Chair, Learning Spaces Working Group

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