Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Spring Lane Building - sample room layouts and working group update

The Learning Spaces Working Group met following a recent site visit and have ratified a lot of the small detail recommendations from the day.

The big topic of discussion was the final recommendation to put to the Steering Group with the quantity and preferred style of layout of rooms as discussed in the last blog post.

Here are some pictures:

Agile Lab
One of the suggested layouts for a lounge/film screening room

High quality, flexible seminar room layout (note the chairs / furniture are for illustration - we actually have our nice Torsion Air chairs, bespoke tables and benches

The same room in a flexible, collaborative layout without moving any heavy furniture
We hope to receive the go-ahead from the Steering Group shortly!



  1. I really like the flexible layouts of the seminar room that you indicate. I tend to mix between whole group, small group, and individual/pair work, so anything that makes it quicker and easier to switch between different styles is great.

  2. Hi David,

    That's really great to hear, thank you! Please do keep the feedback coming!