Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Learning Spaces update for Spring term 2017

We've had a busy term where we completed a number of installs and have been planned for the next phase.

Over Christmas we addressed decor, lighting, furniture, hearing loops and AV provision in James College rooms G/001, 002, 010, 013, 020 and 045a and three rooms in Biology: B/M/023, 049 and 052. The layouts largely remain as original but with desk-height lecterns that integrate with the provided rows or horse-shoes:

We are in the process of collating the Post Occupancy Evaluation survey so that we can measure the change in performance of the rooms and how they contribute to the learning experience. Expect a follow up post on this subject soon.

The Learning Spaces Group has received an outline list of 40 spaces to refurbish/renew over the next 18 months, headed up by our Project Manager Sarah. We'll share that list shortly and it will be split in to deliverable parts that will continue on a rolling basis through to December 2018. For this Easter the focus is on a number of rooms in Psychology that are in need of technology and furnishing renewal.

Chair, Learning Spaces Working Group

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