Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Springing into action on your feedback

We are now well into the Autumn term and your feedback on the Spring Lane Building has been heard!

We now have an action log of 52 suggestions (we heard about some items quite a few times but they are only recorded on the list once) that the Learning Spaces Working Group received this Monday, for decision on how we progress them. Some are already compete (thanks to colleagues within Estates and Campus Services for acting so promptly when they were received). Here is a sample of the items.


  • Clocks
    There is now one installed in each seminar room.
  • Water fountains and drink/snack vending machines
    We have installed vending machines and water fountains are now available on each level.
  • Add the building to the campus map
    The building is now marked on the interactive campus map, and updated pdfs will be online very soon.
  • Magnets for the whiteboards in the seminar rooms
    We have added a supply to each room.
  • More waste bins in the building
    We have reviewed the provision and installed additional as required, including some new external bins.

In progress

  • Gender neutral toilet provision in the building
    We designed this from the outset by putting in full-height cubicles throughout and as well as eight neutral and accessible toilets within the building. After consultation with the Equality and Diversity Office, we propose to convert the middle floor to fully gender neutral.
  • More parking in the area
    We are in the process of removing the site cabins from the central car park and will then re-instate the parking spaces in the area.
  • More seating in the building, especially after climbing the stairs
    We are in the process of procuring additional seating for use throughout the building.
  • Additional bike storage outside the building
    The building’s Facilities Manager is working on this with the University’s Travel and Transport Manager.
  • More signage in the building, particularly to the toilets and the lecture theatre entrance
    The Facilities Manager is working on this.
  • Mobile whiteboards for the study area on the top floor
    We’ve placed an order for these.
  • More technology in the teaching rooms (digital overhead projectors)We have placed the order to increase the quantity of ‘visualisers’.
  • Food/drink preparation facilities
    We are investigating installing a small kitchenette in the building - with hot (boiling) water, a sink, etc.

Not able to progress

  • A cash machine in the building
    Unfortunately this would take up valuable space in the building and there are a number in neighbouring Vanbrugh College and Market Square.
  • Urinals in the men’s toilets
    We designed this building to be able to function as fully gender neutral in the future and so did not provide these. There is a high quantity of individual cubicles as a result.
  • Indoor wildlife (and puppies)
    As we are based on a beautiful parkland estate, the group felt that we would not progress the request at this time.

We really value your feedback. Please keep it coming!

Best wishes,


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